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Saturday, July 3, 2010

50 things that make me happy

So, I saw someone do something like this on Facebook, and thought it would be a good idea.

1. Washing my hands

2. Long showers

3. Good friends

4. Saginaw valley state university

5. Songs that seem really random but actually have a deeper meaning

6. Music in general

7. Poetry

8. Dance (esp. West coast swing, ticking, and breaking)

9. When two people are thinking the exact same thing

10. Making people smile

11. The city of Woodhaven, MI

12. Facebook

13. Conversations about Christianity

14. Church

15. My church family

16. Pictures

17. Videos

18. Contact lenses

19. Winter

20. Being positive

21. Expensive headphones

22. Being able to feel sound

23. Words

24. Black Paper-mate pens

25. Watching west coast swing videos on Youtube

26. Learning west coast swing moves from Youtube

27. Watching music videos on Youtube

28. Youtube in general

29. The internet in general

30. When my hair has waves in it

31. Girls with red hair

32. My cd collection

33. Dvds

34. When Arby’s had wraps

35. The word divergent

36. Clothes fresh out of the dryer

37. The word bizarre

38. Bible study

39. Green dove soap

40. Traditional Indian music

41. Pachebel’s canon in d

42. Talking to people in person

43. Watching people as they walk by

44. Good movies

45. Prayer

46. Sharing music

47. Laptop computers

48. iPods

49. Laughing

50. Good pictures

1 comment:

  1. This made me smile :) I like it. I have a book like this. of 14000 things that make the author happy. I get some of them and not others, but it's cool to look at it sometimes when I need to smile.